“Our mission is to set the highest standard in youth sports for our communities, empowering each child in our program to become the best athlete, teammate, and person on and off the field. We take a hands-on approach in providing a fun and safe environment for every family, with the goal of creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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Become a Coach

Volunteer to Coach

Our Youth Football leagues are built on great volunteer coaches. All of our coaches are volunteer coaches. Gridiron Football provides you with great tools, training, and resources to ensure your success.

How to Sign Up

  1. Find your local league with the league finder tool.*
  2. Visit local league web page.
  3. Select the “Get Involved” tab on the menu.
  4. Complete the sign up process and submit your info for a background check.

Coaches are provided with a T-Shirt and a football

Coaches pick their team jersey color (24 colors- based on availability, first come first serve).

*No leagues near you to coach? You can start a league!

Why Become a Coach?

  • You get to spend quality time with your kids while being active on the football field. You are helping to create a lifetime of memories that will be remembered long after your players leave the football field.
  • Coaching doesn’t require a big time commitment. Most parents are going to be out watching their kids practice and play, so why not get involved? For the most part your time commitment is the same as your child’s time commitment. Add in a little team communication and time to draft a quick practice plan and you are there — running the team this Season!
  • Coaching is a great motivation to turn off your phone for 2 hours and just focus on the kids.
  • Whether you are a seasoned coach or a brand new coach, Gridiron Football will provide you with the tools to be successful.
  • It’s fun! Make it a positive experience for the kids in your community and really help to make a difference. It’s not about the wins or losses, it is about how you can help build self confidence in kids that allow them to excel in other aspects of life.
  • It’s easy to sign up to be a volunteer coach! It can be done in just a few simple steps!

Make a

Help kids have the best experience possible by giving them the best coach- one who cares. You can volunteer as a coach to guide and inspire players to be the best they can;
you can also make a difference by sponsoring players or creating leagues in new locations.

Become a Coach

Guide players on the field and provide support to shape them into the best they can be.

Gridiron is the fastest growing youth football organization in the nation

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn about rules, uniforms, guidelines and more.

Ref With Us

Become an Official and help level up the game by providing a real experience.

Sponsor a Player

Support your favorite player(s) by sponsoring them this season! You pay and they play.

Reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns; we are here to help.

The Team


Interested in becoming a coach? We appreciate you!
Spend quality time with your kids and provide guidance to the team to help them be successful on the field and likely later in life. You will have access to Gridiron Tools to make coaching a fun and positive experience!


So you want to be a game official with Gridiron Football? Welcome! You will provide the opportunity for our players to have the experience of true competition called by trained officials on a real field with spectators cheering and having a superior game day experience.