“Our mission is to set the highest standard in youth sports for our communities, empowering each child in our program to become the best athlete, teammate, and person on and off the field. We take a hands-on approach in providing a fun and safe environment for every family, with the goal of creating memories that last a lifetime.”

Gridiron Events

Kapolei Regional Flag Tournament 2022

Kapolei Regional Park 1077 Manawai St., Kapolei, HI

Gridiron Tournament Series! The Kapolei Regional Flag Tournament 2022 is a 5 on 5 championship where young athletes can compete for the Kapolei title and be crowned the Summer of Champions Tournament Winner! The Gridiron Tournament series was created to provide an ultra-competitive atmosphere at top-quality venues across the country. Tournament participation gives athletes an opportunity to compete with players from around the nation, challenging their skills as an individual and as a team. Explore and share the other regional […]


National Flag Football Tournament 2022

Round Rock Multipurpose Complex 2001 North Kenney Fort Blvd., Round Rock, TX

GRAB YOUR TEAM, CLAIM YOUR TITLE The Gridiron National Flag Football Tournament 2022 is available for teams looking forward to fun, explosive game play as one of the country‚Äôs premier sports facilities. Teams can be co-ed, male, or female- all teams within Tournament age divisions are welcome! This is a non-qualifier Tournament; first to sign up reserve their right to compete against the best of the best, from across the Nation! Experienced and professional referees, field monitors at every field, […]