“Our mission is to set the highest standard in youth sports for our communities, empowering each child in our program to become the best athlete, teammate, and person on and off the field. We take a hands-on approach in providing a fun and safe environment for every family, with the goal of creating memories that last a lifetime.”

Football Camp


Get immersed in the game with local coaches.

Lasting 4 days, Gridiron Football Camp teaches boys and girls of all ages how to compete and have fun in a non-contact environment. Get immersed in the football experience while getting to know the local high school coaches, this is a summer camp made for the kid who loves football.

All About Gridiron Football Camp

What is the Gridiron Football Camp?

Gridiron Football Camps are designed to include athletes of all ages and skill levels. From the first timer looking to learn the basics, To the experienced player looking to improve in the offseason! Participants will experience offensive and defensive skills training, technique improvement, and fun competitions and gameplay!

  • Focus on Offensive & Defensive, Position-Specific Skill Sets & Techniques
  • Includes Non-Contact Competition & Gameplay
  • Combine Training and Skill Measurements
  • Coached by Certified Coaches, HS/College/Pro Athletes

Gridiron Football Camp vs other Gridiron Game Styles:

Gridiron Football Camps are generally a series of 2-5 day long events, where a participant has the opportunity to learn multiple positions and apply their added skills to gameplay at the end of each day!

Who Is It For?
  • Athletes of All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Kids looking to learn the fundamentals
  • Parents looking to get their children involved in Football
  • Those looking for a fun Summer Activity
  • Anyone interested in having fun, and being active!
When are Gridiron Football Camps Scheduled?
  • Generally During the Summer months Monday-Friday (Weekends at participating locations)
  • 2-5 hour sessions
  • Generally in the Morning or Evening to Avoid the Heat!
  • Designed to work around vacation schedules and parent work hours
The Basics Of Gridiron Football Camp
  • 2-5 Day Camps (Generally During the Week)
  • 2-5 Hour Camp Sessions with Gameplay at the End
  • Offensive & Defensive Position-Specific Coaching
  • Skills Development, Technique Improvement and Correlated Drills
  • Fun, Competitive Games and Gameplay
  • Football IQ Development, Learning and Understanding the Game
  • Generally Camps are held at Local High Schools, Colleges, & Premier Sports Venues
What Is Included With Registration?
  • Camp Participant Shirt
  • Lunch/Snack (Participating Locations)
  • Position Specific Offensive and Defensive Coaching
  • Fun Games and Exciting Gameplay
  • Full Camp Participation & Involvement
  • Football IQ Development & Understanding the Game
  • Access to Early Registration and/or discounts for upcoming League play


All players will require some gear to play.

Gridiron Football is dedicated to ensuring players can participate and compete to their fullest while remaining safe so certain gear is required.

Equipment can be purchased during your registration process.


  • Soft-shell helmet
  • Soft-shell shoulder pads
  • Cleats
  • Mouthguard
  • Shorts without pockets
  • Gloves (COVID-19 Regulation)
  • Water Bottle
  • Advanced Rocksolid® Helmet (Available for rent or purchase)


  • Advanced Rocksolid® Soft-shell shoulder pads (Available for rent or purchase)
  • Wilson brand football
  • Battle® backpack
  • Battle® arm-sleeve
  • Battle® eye black


We’ve created The Gridiron Gameday Promise as a commitment to parents, players and coaches to create a safe and fun experience for everyone. We take this commitment to heart everyday. From our officials on the field to our dedicated game day staff and operations team — it’s what makes Gridiron Football the leading youth non-contact football league in the country.

The Gridiron Gameday Promise means you can rely on us to provide a consistently exceptional experience no matter what game style you play or where you play it.