“Our mission is to set the highest standard in youth sports for our communities, empowering each child in our program to become the best athlete, teammate, and person on and off the field. We take a hands-on approach in providing a fun and safe environment for every family, with the goal of creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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Gridiron X NFA Training Videos

Calling all Coaches!

Ready to take your game to the next level? Join us for a $15 Certification Clinic where you will earn the title of “Gridiron Elite Certified Coach” – (plus a cool hat!) Instruction by NFA Pro Staff Coaches, a nationally acclaimed organization with over 30 years coaching the best in the game.

Coach's Video Training Library

Professional resources for coaches to take their game to the next level.

Whether you have been coaching for many years or are looking forward to your first season with a blank playbook, our resource library was created by professionals to take your confidence in the game to the next level. The Gridiron X NFA video library primes coaches on topics including gameplay, rules, strategy, mechanics, and leadership.

Series 01: Gameplay + Rules

1.1 Rules of Play: Offense
1.2 Rules of Play: Defense
1.3 Formations
1.4 Reading the Safety Blitz

Series 02: Gameplay + Strategy

2.1 Playbook: Curl Right
2.2 Playbook: Flood Left
2.3 Playbook: Levels Right
2.4 Playbook: Slant Wheel

Series 03: Football Philosophy

3.1 Coaching Youth Football
3.2 Coaching Parents
3.3 Coaching Sons, Practices, Players

Series 04: Mechanics

4.1 Stance/Exchange
4.2 Handoffs
4.3 QB Drops
4.4 Catching
4.5 Making Cuts
4.6 Running Routes
4.7 Starting a Route
4.8 Wide Receiver Stance

If you want to win, do the ordinary things better than anyone else does them day in and day out.

—Chuck Noll, Head Coach Pittsburgh Steelers (1969-91)