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Guide: Zorts Player Card

Introducing: The Zorts Player Card

To participate in Gridiron Tournaments, players are required to have an official verification card. The Zorts Sports app makes this process easy– even on the go!

The Zorts Digital Player Card verifies player age and expedites event eligibility. The card is used to ensure that players are the correct age for the division that they are participating in. Player cards can only be purchased for players through the Zorts Sports App (download links for iOS and Android below.) The virtual card is purchased by the player from the player eligibility page or screen.


  • $10 Birth Certificate/Player head shot
  • $8 Passport/Tribal or Military ID/Head shot
  • $6 License/State ID
  • The player photo must be a clear head shot similar to a driver’s license photo. No hats, helmets or scarfs are allowed.
  • The age verification document must be readable and have all of the document completely visible.

All documents are verified by the Zorts Sports Team against a National database of youth & high school athletes. This service includes free dispute resolution.

The card is good for 1 full year and can be used for all tournaments/leagues on the Zorts Platform. Find information below on how to create and purchase your Zorts players card for tournament participation.

Get your official virtual Player Card by downloading the Zorts app today.

Recommendation:  Please wait to set up the app until you have been notified that your team has been registered in the tournament. 

How to Get Your Player Card

Create Zorts Account
Upload Verification
Get Approved

1. Create Your Account

To purchase your player card, your player must be on a roster for a team competing in a Gridiron Tournament. Talk to your coach about getting onto the roster. Please note that events typically have a roster edit cutoff date and all eligibility items must be completed by that date.

Next, download the Zorts Sports mobile app or visit the Zorts Sports website and sign up for an account.

2. Upload Required Verification Info

Zorts has different levels of player cards that you can purchase; Gridiron tournaments require a Bronze level card or above. You will need to upload eligibility information, such as your player’s photo and an image of their Birth Certificate.

3. Wait for Zorts Approval

When all eligibility items have been supplied the players eligibility status changes from ‘Incomplete’ to ‘Pending’. A ‘Pending’ status means that the player’s data is complete and is waiting to be reviewed. Zorts usually reviews player card submissions within 24 hours of the purchase. Any additional eligibility items are reviewed by the event administrators who should be contacted with questions regarding their review process.

Your account will be eligible the day before the tournament if documents are valid and clear. If an item is rejected, you will be notified and your status will go back to Incomplete.

The screenshot provided is a sample of the account admin page from the Zorts website:


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